Muslim Migrants Beat White Boy Unconscious, Liberals Have Sickening Reply

James Toolan, 18, was brutally beaten by a group of unprovoked Muslim migrants, but the response from the left is just as disturbing.

As a white teen was waiting with his friends for a taxi, a group of unprovoked Muslim migrants attacked him, eventually beating the boy unconscious. However, as soon as reports of the horrific crime surfaced, the liberal left had just one sickening response for the abused victims.

On Friday, December 16, 18-year-old James Toolan was enjoying his first trip to Manchester when he got a taste of England’s growing multiculturalism. While waiting for a cab with his 2 friends, a group of 8 Muslims in their 20s approached the teens and began brutally beating them without warning.

Sadly, Toolan received the worst of the attack, as the migrants continued delivering blows to his head and face, according to the Express. Toolan was dragged along the street and fell unconscious when one migrant punched him so hard that he fell unconscious, landing on the cold pavement outside the Mercure Hotel.

Toolan suffered serious facial injuries, including 3 broken bones in his cheek, the Daily Mail reports. Unfortunately, not one of the migrants has been identified, which prompted police to finally release the graphic footage in the hope that someone could provide information that would lead to arrests.

As disturbing as the footage is, the response from the liberal left is even more disgusting. Not one demand from the self-proclaimed human rights defenders on the left has come forward to demand justice. Not one is calling for a hate crime investigation like they constantly do for the Muslims who repeatedly fake hate crimes against themselves. Nothing but silence has come from the left, and we would never expect them to stand up for actual victims, especially when their favorite religious ideology is the prime suspect.

If a Muslim claims that white men pulled her hijab, leftists initiate a nationwide cry for hate crime charges. When a non-Muslim suffers physical assault perpetrated at the hands of devout Muslims, however, they have nothing but indifference.




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