Sanders: Hamas Using Civilians as Shields ‘Is, Perhaps, a Part of the Problem,’ ‘Not the Real Problem’

Published April 4, 2024

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that Hamas hiding among civilians is “perhaps, a part of the problem, but it’s not the real problem.” And starvation in Gaza “is Israel’s responsibility, not Hamas’.”

Host Jake Tapper asked, “What do you say to people who say, this is not fair, it’s a double standard, Hamas started this on October 7, Hamas wants to destroy Israel, Hamas wants to kill Jews, Hamas hides behind their own people, Hamas doesn’t care how many Palestinian civilians die — all of which, in my opinion, is true — what’s your response when people say that that –?”

Sanders cut in to answer, “I would agree with you. Hamas is a terrible, terrible terrorist organization that started this war. And what I have said from the beginning, Jake, Israel has a right to defend itself and go to war against Hamas. That’s what I believe.

I think most people believe. But you do not have a right to damage or destroy 70% of the housing units in Gaza. You don’t have a right to displace 80% of the population, throw them out of their homes, put them into this area, put them into that area, deny them food, water, medical supplies, and fuel. That, you don’t have a right to do. So, the answer is, of course, Hamas began this war, they are a terrorist organization, but the United States is not funding Hamas.


We are funding Israel. And what has got to be made clear to Israel, you can go to war against Hamas, but you cannot continue these horrific actions which are causing, literally, the worst humanitarian disaster we have seen in a very long time.”




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