Terror Experts Warn Violent Extremist Liberals Pose the Greatest Threat

For months now, Americans have been subjected to a barrage of violent, hateful rhetoric and vulgar acts from the so-called “loving left.”

From ISIS-like beheading photo shoots to violent assassination plays, the liberal left has been quickly unraveling since the election loss in November.

Groups like the left-wing terror organization ANTIFA have been on the prowl, clad in ISIS-like outfits with faces masked, and they’ve been beating the snot out of Trump supporters and shutting down free speech.

Just last week, we witnessed a rabid anti-Trump “Bernie Bro” shoot up a baseball field where GOP House members were practicing for a bipartisan baseball game.

While the fake news media ignores the leftist violence, terror experts are worried about the extremism coming out of the Democrat Party.

The Democrats have become #AltISIS

Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/terror-experts-warn-about-violent-extremist-liberals/83016/

Violent Liberal Rhetoric and Threats to President Trump (Compilation)

They won’t stop until there are consequences, it has to start at the top. Prosecute, persecute and prosecute!!


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