The globalists don’t know everything, they decide everything, that combination is the reason for most of the problems in the world.

Davos Elite Desperately Want A Cashless Society – But Crash May Come First!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent meeting in Davos for the World Economic Forum where globalist world leaders, bankers, economists and business leaders are meeting to discuss the economic transformation of the world and in their eyes, the necessity for people to bend over to a massive financial global order.

Everyone from Modi and Trudeau to Merkel and Christine Lagarde are calling for more global unity which is code for global governance.

Financial elite like Kenneth Rogoff (author of ‘The Curse of Cash’, an economic adviser to the Federal Reserve and member of the CFR) and Jes Staley (CEO of Barclays) are concerned about complacent markets not unlike 2006, something we at WAM have been talking about for quite some time, but what’s shockingly absurd but not at all surprising coming from these men is their hope for a cashless society which would literally repeat the problems on a centralized digital scale, forcing everyone in servitude to the banks via legal tender laws.

As Staley said, “We’ve got very little capacity in the capital markets to deal with a real move in interest rates.” Well much like Sweden who lowered interest rates into negative territory and went cashless for the most part, a similar brush with financial ruin may come upon our doorsteps as well.

The Federal Reserve is desperately attempting to raise interest rates so they can drop them out when the innevitable crash occurs. However, from 2008 to 2012, interest rates were dropped 5.5%. The drop out would be much higher this time around and there’s no room for it about zero. We will see negative interest rates. So where do you think the monetary system would go? Cashless. Just as Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz demanded in Davos last year… The problem is, the impact of the world reserve currency crashing would be so enormous that there’s a good chance the whole system world wide would go down and people would rise up, so for that reason it appears that the financial elite are desperately trying to push the cashless system forward BEFORE the crash.

We are not talking about decentralized Bitcoin. We’re talking about a legal tender currency likely routed through the SDR at the IMF which is based in debt, out of control circulation, centrally planned and teamed with bail in regimes restricting individuals from taking their non-existent money out of the bank. Look at it this way, if youre money’s in the bank, it’s not your’s, it’s the bank’s. If your money’s always going through the bank via legal tender laws and digital transactions, it’s never your money. It’s always the bank’s.

You are therefor in perfect servitude to the banking system. Looking at the US M0 chart, it’s clear there’s already a move being made. With the power shift to China and India, there’s even more evidence that this trojan horse will soon consume us. That’s why we must learn to be self sustainable, financially responsible and educate ourselves and those around us. It’s imperative to our very monetary survival. It’s imperative to our very freedoms.


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