This Is What Actual Racism Looks Like : Warning Graphic Content

While the media continues to parrot stories about racism in society and make a big deal about relatively minor incidents and talk about unconscious racism, they ignore or underreport true racist incidents. Unfortunately, our biased media only wants to highlight racism when it appears to be perpetrated by a police officer in self-defense against a minority. The media significantly underreports incidents when they do not fit this pre-existing narrative.

Real racism occurs when a group of people viciously beat and harass someone simply because of their race and because they entered the wrong neighborhood. Regardless of what the media says the attacker and victim can be of any race and in all cases it should be condemned. What appears to be a young girl and her brother were taking a short-cut through a public park in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, they did not have the right skin color. The two were beaten by a gang of thugs caught on a cell phone video. Although the clip went viral on social media, the mainstream media didn’t want it too become the huge national incident earlier cases, such as the Michael Brown incident, and most major news media either completely ignored it or underreported it. If races had been reversed it would have been equally horrible and disgusting. But what would have been different is this would have been on the homepage of CNN for weeks and they would continue to cover it for months. Obama and Eric Holder would have given numerous press conferences. Sharpton would be on the scene. But since the attack doesn’t fit the liberal agenda none of that will happen.

The worst part about the incident was that all of the spectators knew what was coming. They got out their cameras and video recorders, waiting to watch this brutal beat down. These thugs watching and participating in the incident have no regard for decency and showed their racist attitude. Despite the media not covering it, this is what real racism looks like.

If you listen closely to the video that was uploaded on Live Leak, you can hear the crowd screaming for more blood. They waited with anticipation for the fight to begin and cheered on the muggers as they did their dirty deed. The leader of the gang, known as Nook Babilee, took control of the situation and led the group in the fight. The victim’s brother tried to step in and stop the fight but also took significant blows.

Real racism happens when people are targeted specifically for their race and violently attacked for no other reason. Racism does not occur when a cop is doing their job to protect the public or when a well-meaning citizen is defending their own home. The media should remember that next time they parrot a racism story to fit their own preconceived notions of justice.

Also some say showing incidents like this increases racism. Apparently those people feel like these incidents should be swept under the rug. We believe that only showing incidents that fit the media narrative actually increases racism by perpetuating the false narrative that only certain skin colors are capable of racism. Its better to highlight and condemn all such incidents. There are good honest people of all races. There are also, unfortunately, violent and racist individuals of all races.



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