The carbon footprint con

August 4, 2021 Larsen 0

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Green politics

August 23, 2020 Larsen 0

Image: Environment Minister Lies About Climate Change’s Impact on Cambodia Related: The Democratic Party hates science By Mark Hendrickson – CFACT You can debate the details, but for my […]

“Demonizing CO2”

April 18, 2020 Larsen 0

Image: Claims of Southwest USA ‘Megadrought’ Are All Wet Related: Futurist: Oil Industry Doomed by ChiCom-19 Because Climate Change… By Collister Johnson – CFACT It is amazing, appalling, and […]

A very fresh look at climate change

April 8, 2020 Larsen 0

Image: Reuters Invents Fake Seaweed Crisis As Harvests More Than Double Another FAKE story from the activists: Economic Shutdown Not Leading To Cleaner Air in Germany – Results From […]

The oceans cannot become acidic, period

February 27, 2020 Larsen 0

Image: Censoring Peer Review Using Political Correctness By Dr. Jay Lehr – CFACT If you really believe the environmental, liberal leftist propaganda that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide can […]

Australia’s Fires Are Not Climate

January 10, 2020 Larsen 0

Related: Australian Bushfires Much Worse In 1974/5 By Craig Rucker ~ PA Pundits – International  CFACT recently traveled to Australia where we did some serious policy work. Over the […]